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Archie focuses on exceeding expectations and building lasting relationships with his clients as a Licensed Mortgage Originator in our Hackettstown and Rockaway, NJ offices. He prides himself in being honest at all times and holding himself to the moral and ethical standards he would expect if someone were providing a service to him. During the lending process it's important to communicate more than less and work to eliminate any surprises on the back-end. When Archie commits to something, he works to get it done; Archie will meet the deadlines he sets for himself and expects those who have ownership in the process to meet theirs. Sometimes things are out of "our" control and that is when the communication and honesty is even more important; Archie's a problem solver, not a finger pointer.

Archie is quick to reply with a result for pre-approvals and will not string anybody along. In today's challenging market, it's even more important to speak to a knowledgeable loan officer, like Archie, who is nationally licensed and gone through proper background and credit checks to be licensed. Archie is available to speak with you today to ensure you receive the service you deserve during your mortgage process.

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